Shanghai Ocean Air Conditioning Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture, pre-sale consultation, after-sales service and spare parts supply of ship air conditioning equipment. The company's core team is composed of professionals engaged in shipping and air-conditioning for 10-30 years. Oceanstar has rich experience in complete sets of boat equipment. Its customers are widely distributed and its business involves official ships (customs, maritime affairs, public security and navigation administration). Reception ships, sightseeing boats, yachts, transportation and other fields.

According to the needs of customers, Oceanstar has developed and produced four series of products: yacht series air conditioning units, business yacht series air conditioning units, commercial series air conditioning units, marine refrigeration series units, etc. Yacht series is a compact product with patented property rights, such as anti-vibration, anti-rolling and anti-corrosion. This series of products can be equipped with startup module, which can greatly reduce the startup current of the equipment, so that the capacity selection of generating units can be reduced to a larger space.

Official yacht series has the advantages of economical and superior air conditioning, long air supply distance, economic and beautiful decoration of supporting air supply ducts, and can be equipped with different combinations to choose different installation forms according to ship characteristics, such as vertical undercover, vertical undercover, landing undercover, card undercover, overhead undercover, etc. This series of products can be equipped with startup modules or can greatly reduce the startup current of the equipment, which can reduce the capacity selection of generating units to a larger space.

Commercial series introduces commercial cabinets, commercial modular water machines, commercial frequency conversion water machines, air conditioning boxes, commercial direct evaporation units, etc. Commercial cabinet series air conditioners can directly introduce fresh air from outdoors according to engineering needs to meet the needs of fresh air in use space; modular water turbines can achieve the best economic and system support through the configuration of modular units according to the maximum optimization requirements of ship use space and utilization rate; commercial frequency conversion series water Through N common module units and 1 frequency conversion module unit, the unit can reduce the starting current, increase the temperature control accuracy and improve the energy efficiency of the unit. Commercial direct evaporation unit mainly completes the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning by connecting the central air handling box with the compressed condensing unit in the engine room. In the middle supply and return air mode, fresh air can be operated in the transitional season to achieve dust removal, filtration, refrigeration, heating and humidification air treatment.

The company's production and sales headquarters are located in Shanghai, with offices in Dalian, Xiamen, Wuhan and Zhuhai, and user service stations in Hangzhou, Qingdao, Sanya, Ningbo and Jiamusi.